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Maj. Gen (R). Akbar Saeed Awan

There is a dire need to actualize the policy framework for ensuring the synergy of scientists, engineers and technologists for improvement of industrialization culture of the country.

The obtaining environment is fraught with lack of mutual trust and team working. Regulatory bodies in the shape of National Technology Council (NTC) and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) are mandated to ensure quality of academic pursuits both in public and private sector. Mushroom growth of institutions in the two disciplines has adversely affected the quality of professionalism in the respective domain.

There is lack of industrial environment space both in engineering and technological domain for hands on job internship and supervised industrial training which leads to lower level of proficiency and professional potency to confront the challenges posed by the ground realities.

Both engineers and technologists in various disciplines are competing for limited avenues available in the two categories of job opportunities resulting in drainage of potential for contribution towards national development and economy.

National Technology Council will InshaAllah make an endeavor to ensure that technology graduates and professionals are equipped with the right knowledge and skills through maintaining standards of professional ethics, ensuring national and international benchmarks are met, stimulating a culture of entrepreneurship and providing opportunities for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). To this end, Accreditation Inspection Committees (AIC)s will ensure high quality of respective technology programs being offered by the public and private institutions.

Efforts will be made to nurture an ecosystem where stakeholders’ needs are met and the council can echo an authoritative voice of technologists in Pakistan. NTC will look forward to pragmatic suggestions and intellectual pearls of wisdom from the technologists’ community with profound gratitude.

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Mission Statement

To Accredit Higher Education Institutions Programs for graduate technologists; stimulate quality, innovation in teaching and training, self-evaluation & accountability in Higher Education. Help Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) to realize their academic objectives to produce high quality professional technologists for the benefit of society.

Why accreditation is important

Accreditation ensures that quality Technology education programs, comparable to international standards, are run in all universities of the country. The Accreditation process gives the Institute an opportunity to conduct in-depth analysis of its strengths and weaknesses in its internal and external environments. Besides, it protects and promotes the quality of Technology programs and the interest of all stakeholders.