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What is Registration?

Registration is a quality assurance measure. Registration means that registered graduate Engineering Technologist has permeated through accredited academic program of HEI. He possesses professional knowledge, specific attributes, observe professional Ethics that are portable and can provide feedback on knowledge transfer that occurs within the academic program and enable transition of graduate engineering technologists from school to workplace.

NTC Registration

NATIONAL TECHNOLOGY COUNCIL ( NTC ) has been pleased to inform all concerned that Higher Education Commission (HEC) has permitted NTC to start Registration of Graduates and Professionals as per following policy with immediate effect:-

“NTC will maintain National Register of Technologists (NRT). The Registration will be carried out in respect of Graduate Technologists holding 4 years Technology Degree from HEC’s recognized Higher Education Institutions and Technology Programs normally consisting of 130-140 credit hours with 16 years of academic learning through F.Sc Pre Engineering or equivalent / ICS / DAE.

Registration Categories

The Registration against nominal fee will be open to the following categories:-

  1. Registration as ‘Graduate Engineering Technologists’ on payment of Rs. 5,000/- for life time registration. The Graduates holding BSc Engineering Technology / B. Tech (Hons) / B. Tech / BS Technology / BE Technology / BSc Technology Degrees will be registered on production of photocopy of HEC attested Degree and Transcript. However, the cut out date for their registration would be 31st December 2021, after which only the Graduates permeating through NTC’s accredited programs would be eligible for registration by NTC.

  2. Registration as ‘Professional Engineering Technologist’ after acquiring 5 years of experience in the relevant Technology Discipline and on production of photocopy of HEC attested Degree and Transcript along with experience certificates issued by the competent authority of the concerned organizations/departments. The Registration fee would be Rs. 10,000/- for life time registration.

Registration Procedure

The applicants will apply to Registrar - NTC on prescribed Application Form available on NTC web site (www.ntc-hec.org.pk) along with payable registration fee in the form of Pay Order / Demand Draft in favor of “Registration - NTC”, copy of HEC attested Degree and Transcript, attested copies of CNIC, 3 Passport size Photographs and copies of experience certificates. The complete application form in all respect shall be sent to Registrar – NTC through reputable courier service on the address given below. Write clearly on the top right corner of envelope “Registration application”.

NO BY HAND APPLICATION WILL BE ENTERTAINED / RECEIVED. “Online Registration System coming soon”

Registration Fee

Graduate Engineering Technologist: Rs. 5000/- Lifetime

Professional Engineering Technologist: Rs. 10,000/- Lifetime

Subject to revision from time to time